I am comfortable in both professional and artistic settings. I enjoy spreadsheets, customizing applications and creating efficiencies as well as marketing, media production, and teaching dance. I also sew, dance, and bake. I can make a mean floral arrangement while designing and managing  international event programs. I've designed events from weddings and meetings to women’s groups and Yoga retreats.  I've been singing kirtan (sacred music from India) since I was 11 years old and dabble in music production.  I enjoy learning and taking on any challenge. I love solving problems and working out solutions.  I'm good at adapting to many different situations.

Management & Leadership

  • As Executive Director of a nonprofit, dramatically improved the culture and performance of the organization while managing multiple teams, finances, events, and marketing. Planned and managed multi-day events with over 1,500 participants.
  • Through leadership and motivational skills, created much-needed synergy and trust among managers.
  • Increased the efficiency of event execution resulting in better attendee experiences and increased participant retention. 
  • As Director of a 40,000 worldwide members yoga association, through more extensive and personal communication and support, significantly enhanced much needed teacher unity and engagement within the association.

Project Management

  • Directed numerous events ranging from intimate CEO conferences with 30 attendees to large international events with 1,500 participants, 75 booths/stalls and 100+ programs/presentations. 
  • Fully responsible for celebrity management and international travel arrangements. 
  • Supported C-suite level executives with special projects, schedules, travel logistics, meetings, conferences all through efficient project management, tracking KPIs, communication protocols, and timely execution of regular responsibilities - freeing up their time and creating visibility to organizational performance. 
  • Successfully completed large-scale implementations of enterprise-wide CRM and Association Management Software systems into several companies.

Business Development

  • Professionalized the business development function within a $300M and 7000 employees U.S. Government contractor through implementation of operational efficiencies, policy development and process improvement. 
  • Developed, mapped and documented SOPs for improved business processes.
  • Implemented a system of regular reports highlighting metrics and pipeline flow for weekly presentation to the BD team resulting in double the pipeline of opportunities. 
  • Worked with the VP of Business Development, area Directors and the Proposal team in 7 States on multi million dollar proposals.
  • Supported individual team members with goal-tracking, processing, task completion, and training. In total, directly engaged and/or supported more than $1B in contract wins over a four-year period.

Technology, Marketing and Creative Endeavors

  • Designed and implemented business processes, workflows, and training using online applications such as Salesforce, Sharepoint, Asana, Your Membership, and Basecamp.
  • Created and maintained basic websites and online media applications. 
  • Founded and successfully managed the first natural bakery in Santa Fe, NM grossing over $250,000 in 2 years. 
  • Produced and starred in an instructional dance DVD that generated more than 2 million hits on YouTube and over a thousand DVD sales worldwide.

about ME

the only way to do great work is to love what you do
- Steve Jobs

personal & Professional capability statement

I enjoy my life immensely and embrace the constant quest to become an expert at all that I do and to experience it with love, joy, and happiness using style and panache!