the only way to do great work is to love what you do
- Steve Jobs

I've loved Bhangra most of my life and though I was born in America, I went to middle and high school in India where I was introduced to Bhangra.  The love affair began and I've been dancing and teaching Bhangra ever since.  Starting in 1995 I've traveled the world spreading my love of Bhangra to all I meet.  I created a dance troupe, Izzat da Punjab, in 1998 that has been performing throughout the United States.  I created an instructional DVD to reach more people and spread the joy of Bhangra!

My History with Bhangra‚Äč

In 2007 I created a new instructional Bhangra DVD.  Bhangra is a high energy folk dance that comes from northern India.  Traditionally it's danced and performed during the harvest season in Spring around the time of Baisakhi.  Many of the dance steps come from village life experience and the farmer's work in the fields.  the main beat of Bhangra is set by a drum called the Dhol.  Western music has in the past decade embraced and infused Bhangra beats and rhythms into pop music.  Bhangra clubs are more popular than ever as people are finding the pure joy of dancing Bhangra to the Bhangra beat!