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I love my life. I can finally say that.
Is it without challenges? No. Is it because I have no stress? No. Is it that I have no financial worries? No. How did I get here? I’ve worked on myself in a methodical and conscious way. I've always found strength in self reflection – the sometimes hard painful truth of self awareness. The willingness and dedication to being able to get through life in a way that wasn’t so full of pain. To stand outside of myself and be honest. And take responsibility for what I could. I can’t control the abuse I suffered as a child, the abandonment of my family, or the betrayal of my community. I’ve gotten through all these hurdles and all this work, because my goal was to learn how to live my life with ease and to experience joy. My passion is to offer tools and experiences to help others in the pursuit of living with purpose, joy and ease through coaching and leadership training.
My life has been an equal mix of creativity and executive leadership. I owned a bakery, started a fashion business, was an event planner, a dance instructor, and musician. On the other side, I was also the Executive Director of a religious Non-Profit, the General Manager for an International yoga teacher association, and a Business Development Manager for a large security firm. I was involved in organizing large retreats and now host women's events here in Mexico. I bring a keen understanding of processes, work flow, and efficiencies. I found I have a very precise mind and organizational skill set that fits perfectly with both my creativity and executive leadership. I now bring all my skills, experiences, and passions to life coaching.

I get



- Ravi

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