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I grew up in a spiritual community where singing and chanting was an integral part of my daily life. During my 5 years at a Sikh boarding school in India, I had the opportunity to study the ancient art of Indian classical music. I found I was passionate about singing and leading groups in musical prayer throughout India. 
My music is a celebration of the ancient understanding that by remembering the Divine in every breath, all pain and suffering departs. By listening to both the sacred text of Gurmukhi and the English translation, your conscious mind has something to grasp onto t0 - to ruminate an affirmation that your soul is speaking to you directly.
I believe that listening and singing using your whole self supports the living of your Dharma (your Truth). I created One Universal Beat to represent that there is on One Universal Truth and it lives in our hearts, our souls and most importantly in our music.

"I looked in temples,


& mosques,

but I found the Divine within my own heart."

- Rumi


"Wow. This is amazing, and like nothing I have heard before.  I really like the emotion you put into the words - you have a quality of ecstasy in your voice that pulls in the listener.  This is not an easy listening piece!  You can't put it on, and then balance your checkbook.  It just demands that you close your eyes and go with it. I also like the way you start composed and together, and then build the energy and intensity so that it kind of unravels in streams of energy." --Shanti

"What a gift you have been given and share. Your voice brings me so much peace, like past life peace. This was soooo timely (timeless) and so well recieved.. 

thank you!"  --Tobi

"I love your song. It's so amazing and perfect. Wow! It's so deep, this mantra really gets inside the soul"  --Ileana


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